CCA School Board: The CCA School Board is a governing board of directors who serve as the spiritual leaders of our school. The school board is concerned with the financial management of the school's annual budget, and assist with the overall direction of the school. Comprised of Christian men and women, active leaders in their own professions, businesses, and communities, each exemplifies the Biblical model of leader/servant by giving many hours each month to serve as a board member of CCA. Each takes seriously the role of Godly parenting and nurturing their children in the admonition of the Lord, and each is committed to excellence in Christian education. The Head of School supervises and hires the faculty and staff and runs the daily operation of the school with the board's full support. All conflicts should follow the Matt. 18 principle. The parent should meet with the teacher, Head of School and then can give a letter of concern to the office for the board to review. The Head of School will take the concern to the board if all steps have been followed.